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Carolina Link and Gizmo

Hi!!! I’m Carolina Link and I’m a Survivor. By Survivor I mean that I have won the battle of anorexia.

I started dieting when I was thirteen years old and allowed a scale to determine my happiness. It wasn’t a vanity issue but more like body dysmorphia due to problems which traumatized me as a child and as a result I really disliked my body. Not only did I dislike my body but I didn’t know how to love or respect myself and that took me on an unhealthy journey. 

 In my younger years I eliminated so many foods from my diet and basically ate tuna, veggies and anything that said “fat free.” I starved my brain from all the healthy fats (no wonder why I was NUTTY) and kept my calories under 800. Then at the age of nineteen I took energy pills, diet pills, laxatives and exercised like a maniac. I was living a big fat lie because somehow I managed to believe that the only way to lose weight and feel in control was to self sabotage myself. Boy was I wrong. You can actually lose weight by eating real food and not going cardio crazy. 


Anorexia Days

All the damage that I did to my body has finally caught up to me. I am sensitive to a lot of foods and have eliminated sugar, dairy (I can do raw,) gluten, refined carbs and anything processed. Quitting sugar, all the  foods that act like sugar and processed foods is a must for me.


My Girls

I now have four beautiful daughters whom I love very much and I want to be an example to them. I want to show them how to eat real food and how to live a junk-free lifestyle: mind, body and soul. Being healthy means everything to me, it’s definitely a lifestyle and it makes me feel ALIVE!

I’m a much stronger and wiser woman (I’m all about the healthy fats) thanks to my mentor, friend and mother-in-law, Vicki Link. She seriously is a health nut and has been for over thirty years. I truly love her, she is AMAZING!!!

I am ready for this Sugar Kicking Journey and the transformation that comes with it! Remember eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and you can get started with some our tasty and wholesome recipes. Kick sugar not dessert!!!

Hope you join us. You won’t regret it!!!

Carolina Link

Fun Facts About Me


1. My voice has been featured in the film Six Feet from the Edge,’ and I collaborate with my husband, Justin Link,  on other musical projects.  

2. I am a fitness lover and enjoy weight training and HIIT workouts. 

3. I am a KOMBUCHAHOLIC!!! Seriously one time when I was pregnant my husband drank my kombucha and I cried. Hahaha

4. Love essential oils.

5. I used to ride horses for the Escaramuza.