Vicki Link

Sugar Warrior Queen

Holistic Health Coach Vicki Link

With a degree originally in social psychology, my background in counseling, health, and nutrition goes back over thirty years now. I am passionate about it, and I believe physical (and emotional) health is one of our greatest gifts!

As a certified health consultant my credentials include: all the coursework of the Bauman College here in northern CA, twenty four years of owning my own health/nutritional supplement store and business, working alongside some of the best holistic practitioners in the west for many years, before working more “solo” as a coach/guide and consultant on my own.

My story is I’m a health nut with a vice. My Mom always had a chocolate drawer (still does) and I too have a thing for sweets and especially chocolate! In my family tree there is hypoglycemia, diabetes, alcoholism, ADHD and other disorders. I know that by removing all refined sugar and its cousins I will find the missing puzzle piece.

My family has decided to kick sugar to the curb for the next years and see what happens. We’ll be telling all here and on my Sugar Kickers group on Facebook. I’m not doing this for weight loss though losing a few pounds is okay by me. I’m doing this to possibly transform what feels like a family curse.

Fun Facts About Me: Holistic Health Coach

  • I’m a Nana to four beautiful girls.
  • Love Yosemite and go there once a year.
  • Love drinking gourmet coffee made by my personal Barista, Ulrich Link.
  • Prefer reading a book over watching T.V.
  • Kombucha is my wine.
  • I’m an Empath.
  • Crazy about healthy living and Coaching.
  • Enjoy drinking exotic teas with my friend Dr. Heidi Dulay.
  • Script Doctor.