Are there Effective Supplements to Reduce the Harmful Effects of too Much Sugar?

Effective Supplements Reduce Harmful Effects Sugar


The short answer:

Yes. But.

Here at Sugar Kickers we show you how to get totally OFF added sugar in your diet, without quitting dessert, right? Yay! This is the real long term answer to your best health if you are someone with a sweet tooth or someone who has seen WAY too much sugar pass between your gums over your lifetime so far.

Well, in your journey to a healthier you, you may be looking for some tweaks to help you immediately if you are not yet completely OFF sugar, or you had a little too much sugar (added or not) at lunch today.

Here are two free tips.

A couple of supplements that have been studied and shown to work. In two important ways.

  1. To make the sugar that just went into your bod turn into actual energy instead of fat.
  2. And to help avoid the fairly permanent damage caused by the excess sugar you just put into your bloodstream.

First, a little caveat. Again, there is no magic bullet to erase poor choices, right? So don’t seek one. OK?

Do This Thing with us the right way, the way I’m teaching you, for the long haul and you will be SO MUCH BETTER OFF.

But in the meantime try these two guys for ten or twenty bucks:

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a mineral. It’s found in foods like yeast, broccoli, and oysters. To assimilate it things like B vitamins (Niacin) and vitamin C need to be present. It will sort of potentize your body’s own insulin to use up that sugar. By controlling your blood sugar level and your body’s sugar metabolism then, (something called “glucose tolerance factor”) it can reduce other nasty effects of sugar, like your hunger level, cravings, depression etc.

AND it has been shown to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat with prolonged use, especially if you are a bit deficient in it.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a vitamin-like anti-oxidant. It’s found in foods like yeast, broccoli, spinach and liver. It is a vital link in the chain of energy metabolism. If this chain has weakened links (like from excess sugar) we deal with things like brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Huntington disease. But alpha lipoic acid easily crosses the blood-brain barrier to help with these diseases.

And, again, alpha lipoic acid potentizes your insulin. It has shown good results in reducing the symptoms and effects of type 1 and 2 diabetes. It appears it will help blood sugar control in more healthy individuals as well. Some research indicates it works best if you take it on an empty stomach.

(So IF you are going to cheat tomorrow and have some chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, you know what to do FIRST. Take your ALA.)

Then go to our archives and learn how to make SUGAR-FREE yummy-but-healthy chocolate chip cookies for next time!