The Goldilocks Dilemma – Find Your Balance

find your balance

So what is going on with this Manna and inside everybody’s bod that’s taking it?

Well, we all know the kid’s story “Goldilocks”, right? It’s all about not too much one way or the other. The middle is “just right”. That’s homeostasis.

THAT’S the area I was researching lately. Cravings, imbalance, etc….

Now. Tell me I’m wrong about what I see in our modern lives. Watch this:

# 1) Inflammation. On the rise. Immune system weaknesses and problems increasing because there’s


Steady-and-constant stress from a high speed lifestyle. Or how ’bout this? Processed foods almost all contain sugar. Sugar=inflammation=cravings. Equals heart disease and diabetes.


Of  the good kind of stress. The adrenaline rush, the athlete’s momentary 110% effort, then STOP. REST. And conscientious, celebratory eating. Well thought out home-made meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

# 2) Brain and mental issues like ADHD, bipolar disorders, autism. All skyrocketing. Anxiety. Insomnia. Because of


Fast decision making. Momentary “dazzle.” Stimulation from mobile devices, high freq pollution, excess use of social media. Television, vaccines, etc. whatever it is, our brains are not like before. Yes, we are still clever, but all this constant “buzz” around us is something no past generation ever dealt with!


Thinking reflectively, pondering, mindfulness. Our ancestors had much bigger attention spans.
I could go on… it’s all part of an imbalance we’ve fallen victim to.

Now, think about this.

Our bodies and brains actually struggle and work to keep in balance; they try to keep all the systems regulated, whether it’s our blood sugar level, our body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism, our body fat percent. They MUST.

And we live in a world now that makes it almost impossible.

I say again, what if there was that One Thing, that “Manna” was a REBALANCING MECHANISM for ALL these nasty issues I’m talking about here. To put it all back in balance? To make Goldilocks happy?!

Your brain would be calm and focused and clear when you needed it to be. It would be fast and sharp, or creative when it should. And it would shut down to sleep when it should.

You would lose cravings. You would be less prone to binge, or eat emotionally. Your insulin would work better. You would burn fat quicker. Your immune system would not over-react and create inflammation. Yet it would ALSO respond faster when there is illness to fight.

THIS IS WHY  I have been hearing all these great reports from people using this “Manna” lately.

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