The Goldilocks Dilemma- Want some Manna?











I am always the hopeful skeptic.

Over the many years I’ve worked in nutrition and health, searching for the most helpful nutrients or supplements I did find remarkable products from time to time.

But I don’t believe in shortcuts, or the “Magic Bullet” products that so many companies have touted. And they come and go. And it makes me crazy. Spirulina. Collostrum. Squalene. Shark Cartiledge. Picnogenol form pine bark. Resveratrol. I’ve seen them all, along with their inflated claims. While most of those products could be helpful, they’re not really multi-functional, they don’t raise the dead, they don’t allow you to keep eating junk and still be well. (Not that you should. Heh heh.) Such products often came riding a wave, but a wave based on hype without much rigorous clinical testing or scientific proof.

And as many of you know, here at Sugar Kickers I have not recommend a lot of products to my members and clients.

But anyway, I always sort of wrestle with this:

Many people will not really change their habits or alter their “too busy” lives to go for a super- healthy lifesyle.

So how do I help them? If there’s no magic bullet?

Well- what if there WAS that One Thing- that DID bring balance back to our out-of-kilter modern mess. What if there WAS some kind of “Manna”?

I was researching homeostasis recently, and I had a big aha-light-bulb-flash moment and simultaneously (I love serendipity, don’t you?) found out about a Manna thing. Let’s just call it that for now. More about exactly what it is later.

So just in the last few days I have tested this “Manna” stuff, and had others whom I know well also try it for their issues. Just a handful of people so far. Here’s what we have seen:

A two year old with constant tummy aches. Ditto for her mother. Nothing helped. Now both of them vastly improved. And the two year old asks her mom for the stuff every time.

One woman after nine years of insomnia- sleeps like a baby now.

Young lady with several daily epileptic-type seizures- stopped.

Two people with bipolar disorder- feel much, much calmer, yet far more aware at the same time.

An alcoholic- lost most of his cravings.

A woman with Meniere’s disease (ringing in the ears, super-dizziness) has used it since before I knew about it and has no attacks while she is on this stuff.

More details on what this stuff is, how exactly it regulates and balances us in the next two posts. And I promise to tell you what Goldilocks has to do with this.

P.S. I know this was long but I just can’t help myself, it’s too important.