How Fruity Are You? Part 2


how fruity are you part 2

A heart surgeon recently was about to do surgery on a patient who had been obese for some time and some of his arteries were now ninety percent clogged. The patient had lost weight though and also claimed he had been taking some special nutrients and felt much better and didn’t want to have surgery.

Artery unclogging

The doctor was quite skeptical of course, but in re-examining his patient actually found the ninety percent clogged arteries to now be ninety percent UN-clogged! The surgery didn’t happen.

The nutrients? Polyphenols from fruits and berries.

The sad thing is so many people with heart disease or high cholesterol are not aware of this so they aren’t trying it. Instead they have to have surgery, or are given statin type drugs to lower cholesterol. Those drugs WILL lower cholesterol but they will also block the action of coq10 enzyme activity in your body, which is crucial for every cell in your body for its own metabolism. Coq10 will strengthen the heart muscle!  What’s the last thing a person with a bad heart, a person with a heart strained by arteries clogged with cholesterol needs? Well, losing something that can strengthen that heart.

BONUS: Next time, I’ll tell you the REAL reason those arteries are clogged with cholesterol. (Hint: it has to do with added sugar in the American diet.)

Now.  You know all those vibrant colors in these fruits and berries we’re talking about? The rich colors- the brilliant red of raspberries, the blue of blueberries, the dark deep blue of blackberries- that IS actually the polyphenols in that beautiful gift of nature… the more dramatic and dazzling the colors are – the more polyphenols are in that food. Now ya know.

Get fruity. Eat foods high in polyphenols. Colorful fruits and berries…