How Fruity Are You?

how fruity are you?

How Fruity are You?

Some health “experts” or sugar-wary folks say steer clear of fruit when you start on an anti-sugar path. Many say don’t eat fruit at all. They say “There’s fructose in it, oh no!” Or “It’s just too much sugar”.


Is Fruit Good or Bad For Your Health?

OK let me put it into perspective for you for a minute. Pretty much all foods have some natural sugars in them. Yup, even onions. But Real Food- whole food- always has other Good Stuff in it. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc.

This isn’t about added sugar now it’s about a whole food, right?

So here are a few of examples of fruits with their natural sugar content. By percent, to make it easy.

A strawberry is 4% sugar.

A raspberry is 5% sugar

A blackberry is 5% sugar.

A blueberry is 10% sugar.

An apple is 10% sugar.

Sugar is just One Thing. But in the other 90% of these Whole Foods are hundreds and hundreds of powerful nutrients, some of which they call “polyphenols”.  These are compounds that help the plant (and its fruit) resist disease, ultraviolet radiation, oxidation, decay, etc. But no science lessons today.  Just this- when YOU eat some blueberries with all those polyphenols in there, you can call them “healing”.

So get fruity with me.


You want to know how to tell if a food is high in polyphenols just by looking at it?

Tell ya tomorrow. Plus, you won’t believe just how powerful and healing they are, so I’ll give you a real-life example.