Is Nesquik with 45 Percent Less Sugar Still Bad For You?

It Says 45% Less Sugar. Right on the Label. And I’m sure you’ve seen others that say something like “reduced sugar”, right?

Let’s see what that really looks like in the mega-industrial-food world. I probably should have put that word “food” in quotes.

They, of the “Food Inc.” world know that many people feel somewhat worried or guilty for their excess sugar consumption. So what do they do? Use it to sell us more junk.

Let’s take a peek at some of their marketing.

Here’s some Nesquik Strawberry or Chocolate flavored powdered drink mix with a bold label caption that says “45% less sugar”.
is Nesquik 45 Percent Less Sugar bad for you











Apparently designed for kids but really appeal to Mom to buy it for them because, well, it has 45% less sugar, right?

By the way, you have seen those mothers that take their kids to fast-food burger joints for a “happy meal” and the mother and child are BOTH obese, right?

Is it ignorance? Is it that they just don’t care? Is it simply poor parenting choices? I would call it child abuse.

Well, let’s look at this Nesquik Strawberry flavor drink mix label, starting with the Nutrition Facts panel.












Notice one serving is 12 grams. Notice total sugar is 11 grams. Hmmm. Let’s see, 11 grams of sugar out of a total of 12 grams of- uh – “Food”. That’s with 45% LESS?












Looking at actual ingredients now.

1st ingredient:- surprise-
Sugar. (If you’re new to this game, the first ingredient on a label is whatever the product has the most of in it.)
Oh but wait this is “Strawberry” so at least that part is healthy, right?

OK 2nd ingredient:
“Natural Flavor”. (?)

3rd ingredient beet juice for color. Then carrageenan, a couple of cheap synthetic vitamins and stuff. Nowhere on the label are actual strawberries. Oh yeah, I forgot. The front panel boldly says “Strawberry flavor! With natural flavor”!

Have you ever seen how beet juice stains with a deep red color? So take a tablespoon or two of sugar, drip a drop of beet juice on it, dissolve this in a small glass of water. Watch it turn nice and pink. Then give it to your kid – and tell her it’s strawberry juice.

And plus, you didn’t have to buy the Nesquik version!

My friends, I hope you catch my passion about this kind of insanity. Don’t let the food corporations influence you with their nonsense! Please. Sugar kickers we are. Sugar kickers we stay.