New Study Just Released- Artificially Sweetened Soft Drinks Increase Risk Of Stroke and Dementia

Maybe we shouldn’t call them “soft’ drinks….

In a study just released April 20, 2017,  Preventive Medicine Physicians at Boston University studied just under 3,000 adults for over ten years to determine the effects of artificially sweetened beverage consumption on the brain.

Sugar and artificially sweetened beverages were already linked to increased cardio and metabolic risk factors, which would increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease and dementia.

And they wanted some specific proof.

Well, the study specifically showed that it’s true. Sadly, there  were 97 strokes and 81 cases of dementia. 63 of those were also Alzheimer’s-type dementia.

This is WAY above the national average.

Do you have a loved one or someone you really care about who drinks artificially sweetened pop too often? Would you like to watch them grow senile? Would you want them to be the victim of a stroke- the NUMBER ONE DISABLING DISEASE in the U.S.?

How many decades have we been told  artificial sweeteners were safe?

As the photo above says, “Sugar free spells danger” but not if it’s  Sugar Kickers sugar free, right?

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