One of the things I like best about you is that you are all badass about sugar, lol. I tend to gravitate toward badass people, those who embrace something different that everyone else but not just for the sake of Continue Reading

Cheryl Scott Sweeney MN

I have a new lease on life!  I was addicted to sugar for the majority of my life, always craving sugary desserts and feeling deprived if I could not have them.    I battled diabetes for years, like an up Continue Reading

Lois Cummings CA

As a health coach, I interact with many people who struggle with sugar.   The common belief around managing this addiction seems so unreachable!  With Sugar Kickers community I’ve found the sharing of knowledge, recipes and awareness around alternative lifestyles Continue Reading

Diana Joan Nazziwa WA

It is Christmas Eve morning as I write this and 130 days since I accepted Vicki's challenge to remove sugar from my diet. It is also 49 days since my husband Trevor had a stroke which paralysed his right side. Continue Reading

Shelagh Jones Reedness, United Kingdom

I joined the Sugar Kicker's group June 2014. I have been a friend of Vicki's for over 26 years and I have the utmost respect for her and her knowledge.   I felt fantastic the first 6 weeks and then Continue Reading

Alicia Neisingh CA

After surviving A radical Mastectomy and Cancer, all I have to say is that Sugar Kickers and Vicki gave Me a forum to show my sense of humor and frustration! Sugar and Cancer ARE connected some how some way so Continue Reading

Robin Ray CA

I have been struggling with sugar addiction, food addiction and weight issues my entire life. I met Vicki several years back when I was in search of some help. I was new in my journey and she taught me so Continue Reading

Shelby Thompson Nebraska

I had the pleasure of being coached by Vicki and it was an amazing experience! I knew from the first two minutes of our session that she was highly educated in the health field.

Her suggestions were tailor made for me. She intuitively knew my situation and responded with the correct suggestions to my diet.I was impressed. I am feeling much, much better after following her recommendations.

She has the “sugar thing” outsmarted and recommended many different healthy sugar substitutes. I am now becoming a successful sugar kicker!

I was so impressed I booked another coaching session with Vicki I have learned so much form this remarkable woman, gained so many new eating habits and am very grateful.
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Kayyla Canada

I have needed a kick in the pants for a long time to get sugar out of my life, again. I was sugar free for two years about 15 years ago, and I never felt better. Now, I'm sluggish, have Continue Reading

Sandi Pearce Colorado